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World Ethics Day 2019

Ethics are set of established principles governing virtues behaviour in a society to commemorate this world ethics day; Advocacy for Social Justice and Ethical Values Initiative (Asjev) organize an event to sensitize the public on the need to improve ethics on morals in the society.

Speech by Convener: Joko Ojosipe-Ogundimu

Ethical values, citizen rights and responsibilities:

This topic is most relevant to us in Nigeria today when we consider the level of moral decadence in our society, we need to fix our country by adopting ethical values in both our public and private lives.

With the alarming increase in crime rate, reintroduction of communal values is one of the way to help the society.

Guest Speaker: Rauf Ayodeji

You cannot create a society without an individual coming together, the problem we are having now is individual has lost their identity. Creating a communal value is difficult, am now appealing to individual to get back their value; so that we can create a society and then the society can be resolved.

It is important that every society develop and promote a set of suitable ethical values for citizens within the community when relating with others.

World Ethics Day is celebrated annually on 16th of October and the Theme for this year is Ethics in Action.

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Niyi Omoniyi LTV News.

Ethics, communal values and integrity are drivers of economic development of any society. This was highlighted at an event organized to commemorate the 2019 world ethics day.

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