Project Description

2020 World Ethics Day of Social Justice

Theme: “Closing the Inequalities Gap to Achieve Social Justice”

Public Lecture: Social Justice is Key to Sustainable Development

Chairman of the Occasion: Mr. Moyosore Onigbanjo, SAN

Guest Speaker: Pro. Lai Olurode (Professor of Sociology)

In commemoration of 2020 World Day of Social Justice, Advocacy for Social Justice and Ethical Values Initiative (Asjev) organized this public lecture to deliberate on issues hindering the actualization of social justice in the country the possible solution to addressing them and putting an end to social injustice.

Jokotola Ojosipe-Ogundimu (Convener) said in view of the level of social injustice prevailing in Nigeria today, it is inevitable to raise general public awareness on the need for better social justice within the communities and the nation at large.

Biola Oseni (Rep. Attorney-General & Commissioner of Justice Lagos State) says the theme of Mr. Governor rest totally on social justice, especially the sixth pillar which speak to security and governance. In Lagos state we have so many agencies that look at social justice for anyone who has an issue and needs to be spoken for, we are there to do justice to that and at the end of the day we get it resolved.

Panelist at the summit underscore the importance of more investment in education, provision of quality health care and affordable housing in achieving social justice.

Abdulrauf Ayodeji (Panelist) said today is applauding when you see some children in a very polish school and you see some in very low cadre school and you see some not in school at all. If you look at all this dichotomy it doesn’t show there is social justice on education.

Lai Olurode (Panelist) said what we are doing to do is trying to dispense justice is to move people away from an unacceptable social condition, social position, move them away to a situation where they can live decently as human being, where they will feel they can participate in the affairs of their country, where they feel they can also partake in the affairs of the community, so that they will not be socially disadvantaged or politically excluded from the process of development.

Implementation of already existed laws serves the social justice system was also identified as been imperative in the achievement of social justice in Nigeria.

Fola Arthur-Worrey (Panelist) said we have laws all manner of laws is the administration and implementation and enforcement of the laws that put a challenge to us because law operate through institutions or agency, those agency are not efficient then the law becomes almost irrelevant.

Stakeholders agree that promoting social injustice in the country is a collective responsibility of age and every citizen.

Ethics, communal values and integrity are drivers of economic development of any society. This was highlighted at an event organized to commemorate the 2020 world ethics day.

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